If you'd like to like to know a bit more about Christianity, or just to brush up on the basics, please join us for a few evenings 

Course starts on 22 Sept (evenings) and 23 Sept (afternoons).  So you can swap between evening and afternoon sessions to fit around your commitments.  No meeting half term week.  See details

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When first I heard about ‘CHRISTIANITY DISCOVERED! ONE LIFE!’ I thought to myself, I might meet other like-minded individuals, with whom I might have fellowship. There were seven of us that first night and I discovered that the course was being run by Nettleham Methodist Church. I was welcomed and did make new friends, but the real surprise was the first module, and its video - such a revelation. Do you know that feeling? I’ll go, but I don't think I will learn anything new. How wrong I was. The conversation was varied, spirit led, instructive, interesting and extremely revealing. As Tim Burton (film director) is often quoted as saying ‘a re-imagining’ of the story of Jesus' ministry and the revelation of God’s mystery. It was refreshing in its simplicity, and yet allowed those of us present to work at their own pace and understanding. A typical evening starts with the ubiquitous cup of something and a biscuit, welcome hospitality, friendly banter, followed by an amiable conversation of what we had learned during the week. (Yes, I am afraid that does mean homework, but it was neither onerous nor in any way particularly taxing). In fact it was a pleasure and you soon learn how quickly you can read a book of the Bible. To some I know, even the prospect of picking up a Bible can be off putting, but with a little discipline (always a good thing) you soon find how interesting the Gospel of Mark is and, dare I say, written for us who are not Jewish. We are its target audience. Reading at our own speed with reference led questions, we all soon found how blessed we were and how wonderful the course could be for non-Christians, for new Christians and dare I say those who like myself feel just as Solomon did, that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. Well I challenge you not to be re-excited, reignited and refreshed in the Spirit as you travel week by week with fellow learners, seeking truth and fulfillment. 

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