I've just moved house, and one of the benefits I've noticed is that the amount of unsolicited ('junk') mail that comes through the door has gone down. Presumably I've not done enough on-line shopping yet for people to have my new address. But one note did land on the mat, and it said 'Gospel meeting'. I looked at it, and wondered what it meant. Gospel meetings could be so many things, from the scene in the Blues Brother's film with James Brown singing and people dancing in the aisles or their modern equivalents such as One Event at the Lincolnshire show ground in August or Spring Harvest at Skegness around Easter. Or perhaps someone standing on a soap box on a street corner and shouting.

But the word 'Gospel' means, simply, 'Good News'. So, what would be Good News for the people of Saxilby? If we listen to the TV news or read the national papers, Good News might be the end of fighting around the world, or a world where no child goes hungry. Or, closer to home, a stable economy and no unemployment. Or perhaps more personally, better health and a bit more money in my pocket.

I suspect, though, that these are symptoms of something else. Some of the most content people I know are ill, or elderly or not well off. Brené Brown, in a recent TED talk (short, on-line talks), put some facts behind this as she spoke of ‘whole-hearted’ people who 'believed that they were worthy of love and belonging.' This is a large part of the Good News of Jesus we can read in the Bible; that no matter who you are or what you may have done, you are worthy of love and belonging. Your local church should be the place where you can find a place to belong and a loving community of people who care enough to want to know the needs of others and are willing to work together to welcome those who are different rather than exclude them. The church is also part of a wider community to belong to and to contribute to, as we learn to love and respect others

The 21st September is Back to Church Sunday. Why don't you come back, or come for the first time, and hear some Good News and meet people who are trying to live it - that you are worthy of love and belonging, and let's start to be Good News to each other as we treat other people, other groups, other countries as though they are worthy of love and belonging, too.

Helen Hooley

    Do YOU believe JESUS has RISEN?

    Our new minister, Helen Hooley, was welcomed at a special service on Saturday 30 August. See below or use "photo gallery" tag above.

    30 Aug2014 Helen Hooley's Welcome Service


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    Peter Walker,
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