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The Nettleham CAP Debt Centre has been open for a year now, with our first visit on 28 April 2014. Since then we have seen 22 clients and we are helping, or have helped, 40 family members. The majority of clients live in North Lincoln, but we have seen clients from as far afield as Middle Rasen and Hemswell Cliff. The vast majority of clients are managing to budget well and pay into their ‘CAP Plan’ to pay off their debts; in fact one family have actually managed to accrue over £150 in savings, a great difference from the situation we found them in. Two clients are already debt free, and we expect another family to be completely debt free through repayment in the next month.Even on the first visit with a client, you can see a change in their outlook. Our first ever client said at the end of our visit: "I can't believe that I am actually smiling". They know that we as the CAP Debt Centre, but also as individuals, have the desire to help them get out of debt and also support them during the journey. The first thing I tell them on the first visit, after saying congratulations on calling for our help, is that God loves them, and that is why we are doing this, to show that love.

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